Karen poems are very essential for the Karen people because they spoke about the Karen in the past, the Karen at the present and the Karen for the future. The history of the Karen were mostly narrated in poems and vividly showed that the Karens are not a minority. There is still no record of the beginning of the poems (or) Htars in Karen history but the structure and form of the Htar clearly indicate that the Karens have attained civilization many centuries ago. They brought with them the civilization of ancient empires and adapted them accordingly to the development of the modern world. These poems or Htars also described the origin and nature of the universe in relation with God’s creation. The Karen’s belief in monotheism was clearly stated in most of their Htars. Translation of these Htars in English language is not easy because these Htars are recited for many purposes and occasions. They used various forms of figure of speech. Some are prophetic, some are instructive and in the forms of dialogue, some are in the forms of riddle and maxim, some have content of philosophy. The karenvoice will try best to unfold the Karen Htars in English language, gratefully welcoming any expert’s consultation from every corner.

No Htar no Karen, know the Htar and you know the Karen.