Karen in the past – The karenvoice.net foremostly would like to acknowledge and honor Karen historians, native as well as foreign, who amidst overwhelming difficulties and unfavorable situations tried to do research work and compiled their findings into historical books for the Karen people. These books written in Karen as well as English remain valuable and helpful part of the past that sustain the Karen people today. Some of these historical books were written between mid 1700s and early 1900s by British officials, American and British missionaries. Currently available but not easy historical books written in English are as follows. More lists are to be added.

1. The Karens Of The Golden Chersonese, by Lt.Col.A.R.McMahon
2. The Loyal Karens Of Burma, by D.M. Smeaton
3. The Star Of Burma, by Rev. Harris
4. The Karens, by Rev. John Hackney
5. The Karen People Of Burma, by Rev. H.I.Marshall, M.A
6. Burma And The Karens, by Dr. San C. Po, C.B.E
7. Development Or Domestication? Indigenous Peoples Of Southeast Asia, by Don McCAskill and Ken Kampe, editors